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G&C Farm’s
Pablo Barrios
celebrated his birthday on July
14 by riding with the best in the world at the
CHIO Aachen
. He
and G&C Sinatra were third in the Prize of Handwerk class,
while G&C Quivola was ffth in the Sparkassen-Youngsters-Cup.
Poor Lake Placid!
Why is it that immigration always seems
to pick on them? Yes guys, we are told that road blocks were
up which kept some barns away and there were others who got
nailed for having illegal help. Why does this happen only at Lake
Placid every year?
New Baby Department:
Congratulations to
Hector Florentino
and his lovely wife
Eve de Lengaigne
on the birth of their frst
Sofa Daniela
who arrived during freworks during
the July 4th festivities! The little beauty is destined to be horse
crazed considering her dad rides and trains for
Liliane Stransky
at Stransky’s Mission Farm and her godparents are junior jumper
Daniela Stransky
and international grand prix veteran
Pablo Barrios
Bumps and Bruises: Louise Serio
had a nasty slip and fall
recently resulting in a broken ankle. She will be sidelined for quite
a while but says she will make it back in the saddle in time for the
hunter derby fnals.
If you haven’t heard
, Ellen Geddes
was in a terrible car crash
in Aiken in July that has left her paralyzed at the waist. Surgery
was performed to fuse her back, and she was transferred to
Atlanta for further evaluation and more surgery. Keep Ellen and
her family in your prayers. Ellen’s 23rd birthday was celebrated
in the hospital…
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Arden Cone, a Sidelines contributor who has written about
her participation in the USHJA Emerging Athletes Program,
is a senior at Hollins University and spent her last semester
abroad in Sevilla, Spain. While she had an amazing
experience in Spain she also came down with a wicked case
of tonsillitis that lasted for months. Turns out Arden caught
Equine Strep from a horse she was taking care of a few days
before she left for Spain. It’s rare for a human to catch it
from a horse, but it can happen. (It is important to note that
Equine Strep is not strangles, they are two different things).
Despite a raging case of tonsillitis, Arden still enjoyed Spain
including a quick ride in Sevilla during the Feria de Sevilla,
complete with costume, before returning to the States and
having her tonsils removed. Here’s wishing you a speedy
recovery Arden.