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Friends in Need:
As many of you knowwe have two friends who
are in trouble both physically and fnancially.
Linda Andrisani
being treated for cancer and unable to judge for several months.
Jack Stedding
has lost his job in Mississippi. Both of these
individuals have given tremendously to our industry for ffty years
through their farm
Monkton Manor
. They have produced top
ponies and horses – namely Ruxton who was one of many. For
those ffty years they have remained the same well-respected,
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Beating the Florida heat - farrier Lindsay Holland’s dog
Wallace has the drill down pat
Photo by Laura Danowski
Eric Lamaze and Rodrigo Pessoa racing in last place and
second to last place during the fat phase of the “Trophee Race
‘N Jump. Huh?
It was like this: following the grand prix at the Chateau
Chantilly, a fun “Trophee Race ‘n Jump” was held with Eric,
Rodrigo, Laura Kraut, Kevin Stout, Simon Delestre and
Penelope Lepevost teamed with the top French jockeys in
pairs of two. The idea was that the show jumpers would race
around the turf track in front of the grand stables (this literally
is a castle for horses) going clockwise and in racing silks as
part of the competition. Then the race jockeys did two rounds
over a course of fences in the Grand Prix ring in front of the
stables, one for power, second for speed. Here is the fun part:
Eric and Rodrigo were busy chatting at the start of the
Trophee Race ‘n Jump’ fat phase and were left in the dust by
everyone else, who won the turf phase. Rodrigo was only a
few strides off Eric to place last...maybe they were still talkin!
At the end of the three phases it was French rider Penelope
Leprevost with her jockey who the won class
Photo by Sophie Durieux