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With this issue, we are
introducing “Junior Blues” an
opportunity for juniors to share their
good news. If you want your win
to be considered for the column,
with a photo (permission from the
photographer required, so be sure
you may use it editorially) and a
brief paragraph about your win.
There’s always a lot to read in
any issue of Sidelines, and this
one is no exception. Whatever
your discipline, I know you will fnd
some fascinating people to learn
about in this month’s offering.
Until next month,
Cornelia Henderson
Letter from the Editor
Love a good mystery? I do too, and that’s one reason I
so enjoyed this month’s cover story, Jan Westmark-Allan’s
interview with Tami Hoag, who not only writes a cracking
good book, but is a very competitive dressage rider, who
competes at the very top levels of the sport.
Jan also did a husband-and-wife pair of interviews with
Pierre and Samantha St Jacques, a duo that are both on
top of their respective disciplines.
Polo writer Danika Rice entertained us with the visit of
Will and Kate, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge when they
made their visit to Santa Barbara, and visited with Peter
Brant, one of polo’s more colorful and controversial patrons.
Lauren Giannini caught up with Scott Stewart, one of the
nicest guys in the horse show world – and leading hunter
rider almost every time he shows. Lauren also visited with
Iroquois huntsman Lilla Mason who hunts – you guessed
it – her dressage horses.
Contributor Laura Danowski introduces us to Brianne
Link who has more circuit awards than years in the saddle,
and is defnitely an up and coming young rider to watch.
Sidelines is
now available at
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