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By Lauren Fisher
The College Preparatory Invitational
Horse Show will host its second
annual event this winter, continuing
its mission to prepare and educate
student riders in grades 8 - 12 about
the format of college equestrian
competition, encourage academics
and horsemanship, and to provide the
riders with resources to create their
desired college equestrian experience.
The second annual CPI competition
will take place from January 13-15,
2012, at the Palm Beach International
Equestrian Center in Wellington,
FL. The show will be based on the
Intercollegiate Horse ShowAssociation
(IHSA), the Interscholastic Equestrian
Association (IEA) hunt seat equitation
classifcation, and the Intercollegiate
Dressage Association (IDA).
One of the added benefts of
competing at the CPI is the opportunity
to experience and enjoy the FTI Winter Equestrian
Festival, which runs concurrently with the CPI at the Palm
Beach International Equestrian Center. Equestrian Sport
Productions is the management company of the FTI WEF
and has been named a presenting sponsor of the 2012 CPI.
Along with the competition, the CPI will offer seminars
and question and answer sessions during the show. Two
helpful seminars will be presented by Hans Hanson of The
College Sports Track and Marla Brady, a career direction
Riders and their families will hear about the college
equestrian experience and familiarize themselves
with the different associations that govern
collegiate riding. There will also be a number of
colleges and universities present at the CPI to
distribute literature and introduce the academic
and riding opportunities, including scholarships
offered at their institution.
The CPI has announced Bernie Traurig
and Scott Hofstetter as two of the three hunt
seat equitation judges for the second annual
CPI Horse Show. With new dressage seat
equitation classes at this year’s competition,
the CPI is also excited to welcome six-time
dressage Olympian Robert Dover as a judge.
A total of fve scholarships will be awarded
this year, rewarding the young riders
on their social conduct and academic
success, as well as competitive success.
Scholarships include: CPI Horsemanship
Test Award, CPI Highest Point Hunt Seat
Equitation Rider, CPI Essay Contest,
CPI Champion of Service Award, and
CPI Highest Point Dressage Rider.
The EQUUS Foundation has given a
$1,000 donation to the CPI Horse Show
Scholarship Fund. The CPI is a member
of the EQUUS Alliance and thankful
for the generosity of the donation.
In addition to scholarships, the CPI has
added new photo awards for the 2012
competition. CPI will award $50 each
for the best eight pictures taken by CPI
riders of the 2012 competition. Riders
with media, journalistic, or photographic
interests will have the opportunity to
submit their pictures within a week
of the show so that their photos can
be featured in offcial CPI material.
Photos will be judged in eight categories,
including: CPI Horse Athlete (horse
only), CPI Sponsor signage or presence, CPI Spectators, CPI
Event Seminar, CPI Rider(s) Receiving Ribbon/Prize Photo,
Friends Together at CPI (candid), CPI Rider(s) in action (over
fences, fat, or dressage) or Miscellaneous CPI Photo (any
moment of your choice captured during the event). All entries
must be submitted and received by 11 a.m. on January 22, 2012.
For more information on the 2012 College Preparatory
Invitational, please visit
Second Annual College Preparatory
Invitational Horse Show Returns to
Wellington in January
A competitor waits for her turn to ride in
the College Preparatory Invitational
Photo by Jennifer Wood Media, Inc.
CPI High Point Rider Victoria Griffth with CPI
organizers Jeanne Rouco-Conesa and Heidi
Photo by Rolando Conesa AIA