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By Courtney Zimmerman
Randy Roy is a Senior Canadian and American Judge, a
course designer and holds a Senior Judges Hunter Breeding
Card. He is the only Canadian to have officiated at all
four prestigious indoor shows: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania;
Washington, D.C.; Madison Square Garden, New York
and the Royal Winter Fair, Toronto. He owns and operates
Hunter’s Glen Show Stable, a world-class training facility, in
King, Ontario with his daughter, Ryan and son, Colin. He has
trained or worked with world class names such as Ian Millar,
Eric Lamaze, George Morris, Mac Cone, Jill Henselwood,
Karen Healey, Don Stewart, Katie Prudent, Missy Clark, Geoff
Teall and numerous others.
Randy is also a #1 Best Selling Author and has written nine
books. Sidelines caught up with him to discuss his newest
book, “Heads Up!” an everyday guide for you and your horse!
Complete with illustrations and tear-out pages to hang up
in a barn, it includes 153 tips from trainers, riders, grooms,
veterinarians and farriers.
What gave you the idea for your new book?
After judging West Palm Beach last year and witnessing frst
hand all of the mishandling, errors and potential disasters, I
realized that there needed to be some kind of manual for people
to refer to. I simply want to save horses and people. This is an
expensive discipline and people need to be aware of potential and
costly mishaps.
How is this book benefcial for people who show?
From beginner novice to advanced, this book is sure to provide
knowledge and advice as it relates to the prevention of unforeseen
mistakes that can cost your performance.
What do you consider your most memorable moment in your
I would have to say when my daughter Ryan won the Junior
Hunter Championship at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto. After
clearing the fnal jump Ryan looked over at me and it was that
knowing exchange between us that the Championship was
clinched! And then she won the Reserve Champion on her other
Junior Hunter. Ironically the Reserve winner’s name was Dream
What do you do in your free time?
I swim a minimum of 110 laps in my indoor lap pool daily,
which takes about one hour - just long enough to have all of the
world’s problems solved! Another favorite pastime is to get lost in
a fctional novel for one hour a day after writing for my books and
various magazine articles. Canoeing and skiing are also life-long
activities I enjoy.
If you weren’t a horse show judge, what would you be?
This is easy because I am also currently a trainer, a course
designer, a clinician, a consultant, a writer, a business owner
and when I’m not busy wearing any of these hats…I muck out
my barn. Some people claim that this is not a balanced life, but
trust me, balancing all of this should allow me to add “professional
juggler” to the list above!
Randy Roy
Canadian Connection
You have written four books
on judging, three of which
have sold out. Your last
book, “You Be the Judge”,
has a limited number of
remaining copies. Will you
be writing any more books?
I feel obligated to write
at least one more book on
judging because the response
to the last four books has
been overwhelming and so
rewarding for me. It is an
honor to be able to reciprocate
the knowledge and respect to an industry that has consistently
awarded me throughout my career. My fnal book on judging will
be titled “The Judge Tells All”, aimed at demystifying the entire
industry and horse showing. This book will be essential reading
for new judges, existing judges, trainers, riders and bill-paying
About the writer: Courtney Zimmerman is from Cincinnati, Ohio and graduated from
the University of Kentucky with a B.S. in Equine Science and Management. She is
currently working on her M.A. of Communication at Northern Kentucky University.
She works at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden as an Animal Handler in the
Education Department.  
Randy Roy: The Judge Tells All!