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her book was published and is now
adored by young horse enthusiasts
across the country. “A Horse to
Remember is available in print and
on the Kindle. It’s kind of surreal to
see my book in places like Amazon
along with the books I loved when I
was little,” she said.
She recently turned 23 and
graduated last year from the
University of South Carolina and
now works as a riding instructor
at three farms in Maryland, while
continuing to train and compete
event horses.
Juliana is currently working on the
sequel to her frst book (although
she is fnding that creatively doesn’t
fow as freely as it did when she
was younger). She hopes to
continue writing books, including
non-horse related fction, after the
sequel is published. “I have a lot of
other ideas for books,” she said. “I
absolutely want to keep writing in
the future. I don’t know if my Horse
to Remember series will continue
past the second book; but I have
other ideas for more books.”
Juliana riding Fling’s
Dream at the 2007
Virginia Horse Trials
CIC*. Their ride
qualifed them for
the One Star at the
NAJYRC which they
competed in later
that summer.
Photo by Sporthorse
Juliana competing in training level
aboard White Out, a horse she
competed for Bonnie Mosser.
Photo by GRC Photo