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to something, they can
accomplish it.
Speaking of putting
your mind to something
– if you have been
thinking that it’s high
time you incorporate
delicious food and good
cooking into your busy
lifestyle, then I have the
answer for you. Foodie
and horsewoman Kat
Wojtylak is penning
our new “Good Food
and offers up some
recipes – perfect for taking to a show, picnic or party. The
website also features lots of Kat’s recipes on our
“What’s Happenin” blog. Look for the entries titled “Good
Food Hunting.” Bon appetite!
I hope you enjoy our November issue, but hold on to
your helmets as I give you a sneak peek into the December
issue. As an early holiday present, we will be presenting
you with our
Hot Horsemen
photo spread. Check for details
on our website and Facebook page on how to enter your
hot horsemen in the issue – trainers, husbands, boyfriends,
sons, brothers – we know they are out there, and we want
to meet them.
If you don’t have a subscription to
, then
take advantage of the insert card in this issue and buy
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Hot Horsemen
December! It doesn’t get much better than that, so saddle
up and come along for the ride!
Jan Westmark
Letter from the Editor
I had the opportunity to hang out with Olympic show
jumper Peter Wylde at the Winter Equestrian Festival last
year, which is one reason why I am excited to have him on
our cover this month. Peter is an all-around nice guy and
I was able to visit him at one of his favorite places – the
barn. In between working with his horses, Peter also filmed
a segment for Sidelines TV, which turned out to be a lot of
During our visit, Peter and I talked about his return to
the United States, his passion for horses and his love of
working with the United States Hunter Jumper Association’s
Emerging Athlete Program (EAP). A decorated American
Olympian, Peter spent the last 12 years living in Europe,
but he’s back in the U.S.A. now. I am thrilled that he is
gracing the cover of this issue, which is our
Tribute to
Peter has been riding into the winner’s circle all year,
which is very exciting, but I think his dedication to the young
riders in our country is one of the things I admire most about
him. He cares about the future of American riders. Peter’s
love for horses began at an early age and I think you will
get a chuckle out of his ambition as a 12-year-old. Read his
story in the
Tribute to America
section to find out what kind
of go-getter he was even back then.
While you will enjoy the story on Peter, there’s lots more
in store for you in this issue. You don’t want to miss Lauren
Giannini’s story on California trainer Devon Gibson. The
story is titled “The Absolutely Amazing Comeback of Devon
Gibson” – and it is an absolutely amazing story. It will make
you gasp, cry and believe in miracles all at the same time!
Believing in miracles is part of the reason the equestrian
community has come together in North Carolina to support
the Duke’s Children’s Hospital & Health Center. Joan
MacNair Petty heads the Jump For Children Horse Show,
which has raised over $1.6 million dollars for the hospital.
Read the story in our
Making A Difference
feature and you
will discover that when the horse community puts their mind
Peter Wylde hanging out with one of his horses during WEF.
Peter Wylde being interviewed by Sidelines TV producer Rob
Photos by Jan Westmark
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