• Qualities for Equestrian Success

    By Vasco Flores Do you have any competition-day routines or rituals? Do you think it’s a good thing for riders to have routines to help with nerves or to keep them focused? Horse shows are growing rapidly, so changes in start times are common. Showing up on time would be my only routine—having plenty of...


  • Making Freestyle Wishes Come True

    Collier Wimmer Winston-Salem, North Carolina Owner of Three Wishes Freestyles How long have you been part of the horse world?  I grew up riding! As soon as I could climb in a saddle, I was there. I took lessons wherever I could, but as I spent a lot of time in my youth on the...



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By Ruby Tevis Portraits by Lori Ovanessian It has been said that those who dare to teach must never cease to learn, and dressage rider and instructor Kim McGrath will never stop learning. As Kim leads a successful career in the Grand Prix arena and manages her Sunset Hills Farm training operation in Redlands, California,

by Ruby Tevis Portraits by Melissa Fuller On a steamy summer night in Tokyo, under bright lights and empty seats, Sabine Schut-Kery not only took the world by storm, she set and shattered personal bests each day she competed. The first-time Olympian has risen to fame with her longtime partner, Sanceo, after the pair secured

By Shya Beth While most people are familiar with art mediums like paintings and sculptures—mediums that routinely involve adding something to a canvas or adding clay to the armature of the sculpture—Lynn Kibbe’s medium is vastly different. A two-dimensional subtractive art form known as scratchboard, it typically consists of a white kaolin clay-coated hardboard panel

By Laura Scaletti Portraits by Shawna Simmons Whitty The Propp sisters share more than just a last name, they share a common passion — horses. Through their equestrian endeavors, Stella, 18, Juliette, 16, and Clara, 14, have found numerous ways to bond. The sisters are barn mates, business partners, philanthropists, Instagram influencers, best friends and

By Laura Scaletti Portraits by Samantha Sidor Jaimie Tucker Cambi has been obsessed with fashion and horses her whole life. Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, Jaimie swiftly grew into a horse-crazy girl who read every horse book she could get her hands on. At age 12, she opened her first copy of Vogue and

By Haylie Kerstetter Portraits by Melissa Fuller Megan Ghere always had a hunch that she would have a career in horses, but she never knew how she would get there. Originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Megan has travelled nationally with both her own training business and some of the top trainers around the country. Although there

By Laura Scaletti Portraits by Kristie Nichols Deirdre Sabo has known she was going to be a professional dressage rider since she was in kindergarten. While her classmates had plans of becoming astronauts, teachers and policemen, Deirdre knew her path in life would be astride a horse performing half passes and piaffes. “When other kids

By Britney Grover Portraits by Shawna Simmons Whitty Going with the flow works well for Lucy Deslauriers. When she was moving up from the children’s jumpers, she tried Hester, one of her father’s horses, simply because he was in the barn—and ended up with an Olympic-level partnership.  Since starting in Low Junior Jumpers that first

By Kimberly Gatto Photos by Lori Ovanessian It’s been said that there are two lasting bequests we can hope to give to our children: One of these is roots, the other, wings. The late Davy Jones — legendary entertainer, teen idol, and frontman of the pop group The Monkees — gave both to his four

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