• The Challenge Perspective

    By Margie Sugarman When I’m riding, it can sometimes be hard for me to stay positive. My trainer is a person of few words and this often leaves me wondering what she really thinks. When she does give corrections or tries to use constructive criticism, it often leaves me feeling inept. I’m losing my motivation...


  • Unbridled With Sally Ike

    By Jan Westmark  It’s been said if you need to get things done, then Sally Ike is the person to ask. Sally, who started working for the United States Equestrian Team (USET) Foundation in 1989, said her philosophy has always been, “If there’s a problem, let’s investigate and fix it if possible.”    For her lifelong dedication to the equestrian...



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By Laura Scaletti Portraits by Melissa Fuller Vasco Flores is living the American dream. Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Vasco has created his own path in the world of international show jumping through hard work, determination and perseverance. Since moving to the States in 2012, Vasco has been a farm hand, groom, training rider

By Britney Grover Portraits by Melissa Fuller                                                                                                 

By Lindsay Brock Dr. Scott Swerdlin is living a dream he never knew he had. Today, he sits at the helm of Palm Beach Equine Clinic (PBEC), one of the world’s most renowned equine veterinary facilities, but Scott was once just a boy with a passion for polo. While he admits his early introduction to

By Ruby Tevis Portraits by Melissa Fuller When Christian Simonson puts his mind to something, he’s sure to achieve it. An exceptional student, avid mountain biker and young pilot, Christian succeeds in many areas, but his biggest passion is the sport of dressage. As the son of his Dutch equestrian mother, the multitalented 18-year-old and

By Louise Parkes Portraits by Melissa Fuller Richie Moloney doesn’t like to brag, but then you don’t need to sing your own praises when you’ve achieved success with the minimum amount of fuss. His natural talent has seen the 39-year-old Irishman collect some of the biggest prizes on the U.S. show jumping circuit, including the

By Britney Grover Portraits by Shelby Phillips Britaney Courtney believes in chasing dreams. For her, that means balancing life as an equestrian entrepreneur whose business has already expanded across three continents. It also means encouraging others to chase their own dreams, believing in others as others have believed in her. “My grandfather was probably one

By Laura Scaletti Portraits by Lori Ovanessian From the moment Steve Paulson sat in a saddle, he’s had a magical connection with horses and excelled at whatever equestrian discipline he pursued. Polo, reining, three-day eventing, liberty, dressage, Roman riding — Steve’s tried it all and done it all well. Nicknamed “Six Week Steven” by friends

By Britney Grover A single interaction with a horse can change a life; being involved with horses can shape a life. That’s exactly why Ellen Healey founded the Gleneayre Equestrian Program. “The idea started with children who had been exposed to horses in some way and then for whatever reason had to give them up,”

By Emily Randolph  In 2006, Victor Amaya was at a European horse show, socializing with fellow riders, when he suddenly heard a familiar name coming from the big-screen TV nearby. The TV was airing live coverage of the FEI World Equestrian Games (WEG) in Aachen, Germany, and, although Victor hadn’t been paying much attention to

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