• The Hues of Horses

    What does my horse “see” and why does he react to something one day and a few days later he has no reaction at all? An owl can see a mouse moving more than 150 feet away. A dragonfly has 30,000 lenses in its eyes. These lenses assist them with motion detection and, consequently, it’s...


  • Julie Lawther: Sharing the Love of Horses in Art

    By Shya Beth  Using oils, acrylics and color pencils, Julie Lawther lends her one-of-a-kind style to each of her paintings. While pursuing a realistic approach to each subject, she demonstrates the uncanny ability to forge a connection with each viewer in a way that is familiar and enchanting. That ability is key to her success...



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By Louise Parkes Portraits by Lorriane O’Sullivan It’s no surprise that Irish teens Max and Tom Wachman are involved with horses. What is a surprise is their chosen discipline: Showing under their family’s Coolmore Showjumping banner, the brothers competed at the 2021 Winter Equestrian Festival. With a pedigree like theirs, they seem much more likely

By Ruby Tevis Portraits by Hannah Draughan  Aubrey Torrez seeks the silver linings in every situation. No matter the obstacle that lies ahead of her, Aubrey won’t give up on herself or her horses. Aubrey’s determination has led her to find success with the most unlikely of partners — from her one-eyed show jumper that

By Britney Grover Portraits by Shawna Simmons When Dominic Gibbs won the inaugural $100,000 WEC Premier Cup Equitation Championship at World Equestrian Center in February, he won a car. The timing seemed perfect: With his busy show and training schedule, Dominic travels extensively and his current car was in serious need of repair. Dominic won

By Lilly Steger Portraits by Shawna Simmons Andrew McConnon discovered eventing at the 2004 Olympics. “I saw eventing on TV at the Athens Olympics, and I thought, Wow, that looks cool!” he said.  Seventeen years later, those Olympians are now Andrew’s mentors and colleagues. The William Fox-Pitt-trained eventer was named to the 2021 U.S. High

By Laura Scaletti Portraits by Kristin Lee Elyse Hart owes her life today to hope, perseverance, love and most of all, horses. From her first pony ride at age 4, Elyse ate, slept and breathed all things equine. Simply put, she was hooked on horses. That passion would persist in full force until puberty hit,

By Lyssette Williams Portraits by Lori Ovanessian Most people would find it hard to believe that FEI 3* vaulter Geoffrey Woolson’s first brush with horses left him with a negative impression. “I didn’t like horses,” Geoffrey said. “My first time riding was at the Griffith Park pony rides in Los Angeles, California. The pony bucked

By Britney Grover Portraits by Kathy Russell For some, the fact that Erin Stewart is an equestrian professional seems obvious. After all, she’s the daughter of renowned hunter rider and trainer Don Stewart. She grew up in one of the country’s largest hunter sales and training barns, watching her dad win class after class at

By Ruby Tevis Portraits by Melissa Fuller ‘If you believe in your horse, anything is possible,’ is a lesson Hannah Irons holds to tightly. Since her first ride with Lendon Gray seven years ago, the 2020 USEF Young Rider National Champion has learned what it takes to make it in dressage — a discipline she

By Emily Randolph  The far, wood-paneled wall of Phillip Dutton’s barn office is adorned with sizable, framed ribbons — among them, a large green ribbon that accompanied his bronze medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics and a tricolor award signifying his win in the 2008 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event. Each one is a testament to

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