• Natalie Bailey: Falling in Love With St. Andrews University

    By Jan Westmark Bauer Portraits by Hannah Waroway All it took was one visit to St. Andrews University (SAU) in Laurinburg, North Carolina, for Natalie Bailey to fall in love. “I toured the SAU equestrian program and fell in love with the facility, the faculty, the riders and most importantly the horses,” Natalie said. Now...


  • Don’t Forget What To Do When it Goes Wrong

    By Rob Jacobs   One thing is for sure: When riding horses, it goes wrong for us all. Whether you show on a nationally recognized level or if you ride throughout your local trails, occasionally, things will go opposite of your plan as both humans and horses make mistakes. The most common mistake is a...



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By Jennifer Cooke Portraits by Melissa Fuller Nikki Scarpino has a knack for working with difficult horses. Somehow, the challenging, quirky, oddball horses seem to find their way to her. Nikki’s approach to these horses is both sympathetic and pragmatic, and she solves behavioral problems by working through physical weaknesses first. As a U25 dressage

By Rob Jacobs The equestrian industry is one that requires those who participate in it to be flexible and able to adjust to the unpredictability of day-to-day operations. In general, most equestrians are routine oriented because we know our horses prefer routine. However, throughout the daily routine, there are often moments of change, whether expected

Ryan Kenny  Alpharetta, Georgia Amateur rider, taking a gap year before college How long have you been part of the horse world?  I started riding at 12 years old. A family friend rode at a local barn near my house and invited me to go take a lesson with them. I wasn’t familiar with horses

By Britney Grover Portraits by Isabel J. Kurek Alexandra Cherubini had just graduated from Bates College and was living in New York, working at a public relations firm in early 2000. “At the time, I was not riding, and I knew I had to figure out a way to get back to horses,” she said.

By George Williams There is little doubt that dressage is steeped in deep tradition. Surprisingly, however, there are very few dressage shows that have been recognized by US Equestrian as “Heritage Competitions.” While there are admittedly few of these, one that I am personally fond of—and is perhaps the most famous— is nestled in the

By Sarah Welk Baynum Portraits by Kristie Scholten Hunter-jumper riders Lindsey and Will Roberts love each other and love horses, and together they have turned that love into a family business. Long before the equestrian power couple met and started Pine Hollow Farm near Houston, Texas, horses were an integral part of their respective lives. 

By Britney Grover Being in the driver’s seat with the ability to change anything that’s not working is one of the things Wendy Latham of Calabasas, California, loves most about running her company Halter Ego. But she’s not out to sugarcoat life as an entrepreneur. “Being an entrepreneur is the utmost ‘rubber meets the road’

By Liz Halliday-Sharp I have always believed that the best riders are those who continue to learn, work hard and constantly strive to be better. I personally am trying to improve my riding every day, and I’m lucky to have some great trainers around me. However, most of the time I’m at home working through

By Jan Westmark Bauer Portraits by Isabel J. Kurek Sydney Berube has been riding her entire life, thanks to her mother who had a passion for horses and passed it on to her daughter. Growing up in Bedford, New Hampshire, Sydney was 4 years old when she got her first pony. “I was very fortunate

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