• Natalie Bailey: Falling in Love With St. Andrews University

    By Jan Westmark Bauer Portraits by Hannah Waroway All it took was one visit to St. Andrews University (SAU) in Laurinburg, North Carolina, for Natalie Bailey to fall in love. “I toured the SAU equestrian program and fell in love with the facility, the faculty, the riders and most importantly the horses,” Natalie said. Now...


  • Don’t Forget What To Do When it Goes Wrong

    By Rob Jacobs   One thing is for sure: When riding horses, it goes wrong for us all. Whether you show on a nationally recognized level or if you ride throughout your local trails, occasionally, things will go opposite of your plan as both humans and horses make mistakes. The most common mistake is a...



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By Ruby Tevis Portraits by Melissa Fuller Hope Cooper has a passion for learning—in the dressage arena, in academics—it’s in her DNA. Her father is a lawyer and her mother, Dr. Jane Karol, is both a Grand Prix dressage trainer and psychotherapist. Growing up at her family’s Bear Spot Farm in Concord, Massachusetts, proved to

By Britney Grover Portraits by Kristie Scholten In some ways, Bailey Robinson owes her riding to her parents. Her mother, Wendy Hartman Robinson, grew up showing ponies and hunters on the East Coast. Bailey’s father, Mikal Robinson, also came from a horsey family and has trained horses all over North America. In other ways, however,

By Margie Sugarman I fell off at a big show I qualified for last year. I thankfully qualified again this year, but I’m so nervous to attend. I’m afraid I’m going to remember the fall when I’m there. I’m afraid I’m going to fall off again and show people I don’t deserve to compete there.

By Liz Halliday-Sharp I have had many young horses in my time, and one thing I’ve learned is that it’s rarely the perfect, easy baby that becomes the next superstar. In fact, I’ve always considered it a positive to have the well-behaved youngster throw a little bit of attitude my way, as I believe that

By Britney Grover Steve Stephens knows a good jump course—he competed over hundreds, winning events like the American Gold Cup and Nations Cups around the world. Since the ’80s, Steve has been putting his interest in jumps and courses to use as a course designer and with his business, Stephens Equestrian Designs. It’s easy to

By Ruby Tevis Portraits by Melissa Fuller Anyone who’s had the privilege of loving a horse knows the magic of their presence. Twelve-year-old pony rider Ava Barnes was drawn to horses from the very beginning. She couldn’t predict the success she’d find in the show ring, or that horses would become the glue holding her

By Britney Grover Portraits by Melissa Fuller At first meeting, twin sisters Luca and Ella Endzweig might appear quiet and reserved. Get to know them, and their personalities are as different as any two 10-year-old girls.  “They’re super different—Luca is a little more reserved and composed, and Ella’s a bit more free-spirited,” said the twins’

By Shya Beth  Even though Kesia Finley’s path to the world of horses and art was paved with obstacles and heartache, you could say she was destined to bring her artistic talents to the world. In March of 2020, right after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic when Kesia was furloughed from her job, her

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