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    Sarah Ward-Rupp’s Holsteiner Bling Bling A slew of respected horsemen, including Jack Towell, Liza Boyd, Daniel Geitner, Carol Kent, Danny Robertshaw and Ron Danta, were on hand at the Carolinas Show Hunter Hall of Fame ceremony at the Aiken Charity I Horse Show on Friday, May 3, 2019. This year’s inductees included Carol Kent, Jeanne Smith, Thomas Earl “Red” Frazier, J. Arthur “Bucky” Reynolds II, Don Stewart Jr., William “Billy” Haggard, Dreamboat, High...



  • Juri Ito: Finding Shangri-La

    By Britney Grover Photos by Shawna Simmons Juri Ito discovered horses by accident while visiting a nuclear power plant in her home country of Japan. She didn’t know then that horses would not only become her life, but that they would lead her to Shangri-La: a little slice of heaven on earth where animals and...


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By Lyssette Williams Portraits by Kristie Nichols For Frederique Poulain, being a professional artist isn’t a job but a way of life. While some people drag their feet getting into the office five days a week, Frederique happily works seven. Her studio, nestled in the coastal town of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, is her sanctuary. There

By Sarah Maslin Nir Jessie Blake Lochrie is something of an equestrian contradiction. At night she can be found tearing up the dance floors in Brooklyn’s edgiest underground clubs, taking in a deejay set or discussing the minutiae of electronic music, of which she has an almost encyclopedic knowledge. By day, she can be found surrounded

By Doris Degner-Foster The horses in Julie Ferris’ work look as though they could step off the canvas, especially in her life-sized paintings. Her trademark style of using a white painted background highlights her subject, showing the character of each individual horse through their facial expression and unique physical components. As much as Julie enjoys

By Britney Grover Portraits by Isabel J. Kurek Allison “Ali” Brock doesn’t let limitations stop her. She was attracted to horses from the beginning, despite no family connection to horses; she worked to pay for her own riding from 12 years old, and left home at 17 to pursue equestrian excellence after going as far

By Alannah Castro Portraits by Kathy Russell As a young girl, Hattie Gilpin took an unconventional route to the horse world: She got involved in competitive swimming at a very young age, and her assistant swim coach introduced her to what would become one of the loves of her life: horses. Once swimming gave way

By Hope Ellis-Ashburn Portraits by Shawna Simmons Actress Melinda Van Dyck is a lifelong equestrian with Hollywood roots. The daughter of thespian Joan Bennett and screenwriter and producer Gene Markey, she was born in the 1930s and raised in the bright lights of Hollywood, California. While her childhood was unusual for most, it wasn’t uncommon

As Michelle Durpetti waits to jog her amateur-owner hunter, Lucca, at the Kentucky Horse Park, she’s talking animatedly into headphones tucked carefully under her helmet with her cellphone in hand. The 40-year-old Chicago native is on a conference call with part of the Turnkey Hospitality Group team — her family’s company whose brands include famed