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    Riders and horse lovers are invited to “jingle and mingle” with Days End Farm Horse Rescue at the non-profit rescue’s “Cheers to 30 Years” 30th Anniversary Holiday Appreciation Celebration on Friday, December 6. The annual holiday celebration will kick off at 7 p.m. at the Turf Valley Resort in Ellicott City, Maryland. The evening will...



  • Drew Cheek: Eventing, Education and the Drew Boot

    By Laura Scaletti Portraits by Adrienne Morella Three-day eventer Drew Cheek, 17, wears many hats; among them, dual-enrollment as a high school and college student, working student at Blue Hill Farm in Unionville, Pennsylvania, and equestrian entrepreneur. Like most self-proclaimed “horse crazy girls,” Drew was captivated by horses from the start. Born into an adventurous,...


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By Jan Westmark Kat Fuqua was destined to be a rider. Growing up in Atlanta, Georgia, with grand prix dressage parents and a barn filled with talented horses, Kat started her riding career when she was only 1 year old. “My mom and dad got me miniature ponies and after that I just kept on

By Margie Sugarman I found some not-so-nice comments about me and my horse on a message board. I know who wrote them — there’s a particular group of women in my region I avoid as much as possible, but now my confidence is shattered. How do I ignore their cruel words and ride my best,

By Tafra Donberger Portraits by Isabel J. Kurek Armed with a little black bag and an iPad, Michele Hollis, M.D., is bringing medicine to the places equestrians need it most: barns, ring side, you name it, she can help where you’re at. As a doctor who is an equestrian herself, Michele knows exactly how a

By Lindsay Brock Mary Helen Shaughnessy has experienced the Washington International Horse Show (WIHS) from many different angles — as a wide-eyed junior rider watching her heroes and as a nervous competitor at the in-gate. She’s also traveled the world exploring various roles in the show jumping industry. All those experiences came full circle in

By Shya Beth Show jumping throughout the years has changed into a global, larger-than-life sport, and the same could be said about Steve Messenger’s colossal equine paintings. Steve has an uncanny ability to collect emotions together on his canvas, bringing his images to life in ways only a truly knowledgeable and talented artist can. Steve

By Kathryn McMackin Portraits by Kristie Nichols For Christian Rogge, 2019 has been a year of new adventures. In January, Christian and his wife, grand prix rider Hailey Henderson-Rogge, welcomed their baby son, Hans, into the world. “I’m pretty sure Hailey already has a pony for him,” Christian laughed. “Hopefully the kid likes horses.” Science

By Amy Hempe Portraits by Bianca McCarty McKinley Harvey developed her work ethic at an early age. “When I was a little girl, I’d get up at 5 a.m. to take care of my horse. Nobody else in my family rode, but I knew this was what I wanted,” she said. That determination has stayed