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    Emerson Sego with Frosty Photo by Jill Sego The amazing power of horses (and in this case a pony) is evident in the life of Emerson Sego, who was born with a very rare genetic disorder in which he is missing a portion of his 3rd chromosome. He’s 4 years old and deals with a...


  • Brian Moggre: Living the Show Jumping Dream at 18

    By Britney Grover. Portraits by Kristie Nichols - Brian Moggre exploded onto the show jumping leaderboards in 2019 like he and MTM Vivre Le Reve explode around a course of jumps. At just 18 years old, Brian finished his final junior year outranking Olympic gold medalists and international champions. His name joined those at the top of the sport that have long been household names in the equestrian world....


  • Helping Riders Boost Their Horse IQ

    By Diane Carney Equestrian, Judge and Commentator — West Palm Beach, Florida How long have horses been a part of your world?  As long as I can remember! I got my first ribbon at the National Western Stock Show, I was 6 years old in the 11 and under equitation on The Irishman. I was jumping 3’6”...


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By Jan Westmark. Olympic show jumper Nona Garson has competed all over the world, but her career with horses began on the farm she still calls home. Nona owns and operates The Ridge in Florida and New Jersey, and moved to The Ridge Farm in New Jersey when she was 5. On her 6th birthday, Nona got a Shetland Pony named Maple Sugar.

By Britney Grover Storybook Farm is well-named: Visiting is like walking into a fairytale. But the farm is much more than just a feel-good story. Thousands of children have had their lives enriched and their futures brightened by taking the Storybook journey — children struggling with anything from bereavement or terminal illness to all manner

By Shya Beth – Weatherly Stroh weaves together different parts of her life through her paintings, intertwining a piece of her spirit along with the animal she’s portraying. Giving life to her subjects through her paintbrush or sculpting clay, Weatherly has found herself in the “pony mad” Village of Wellington, one of the most equine-centric locations in the world. With so many high-class farms — from polo fields to show jumping and dressage rings — this is an equine artist’s dream location, and Weatherly’s home.

By Britney Grover. Portraits by Kristie Nichols – Bryn Sadler is a talented 25-year-old amateur showjumper from Ocala, Florida, who is about to finish college — but that’s about as far as “typical” goes for Bryn.

By Britney Grover, Portraits by Kristin Lee – When Jaime Krupnick Geffen does something, she’s all in — whether it’s riding, raising a family, growing her business or reclaiming her health. Though she grew up showing and competing, she put horses on hold, knowing she couldn’t give them her all while she developed her career and started her family.

By Jan Westmark – Jimmy Torano has been part of the horse world his entire life. Growing up in Miami, Florida, he started lead line classes with his mom as his trainer. His last year as a junior, he rode with Don Stewart before going to work for Jane Ebelhare as a rider and trainer at the Palm Beach Polo and Country Club. “I got a great start there, riding many different horses and eventually grand prix horses,” Jimmy said. “After working there for several years, I decided to go on my own and start my own business. I went with Jane’s blessing. She gave me a real leg up, and I owe her a lot.”

By Tafra Donberger. Portraits by Adrienne Morella – Lillian Heard hadn’t intended her life to turn out this way — as an eventing professional working her way up the ranks of the five-star roster. Her original adult-life plans included law school, but a twist of fate in horse form led her to the point she is now, and she wouldn’t change a thing.