• Chris Ewanouski and His Passion for Horses

    By Tafra Donberger Portraits by Isabel J. Kurek When a horse-obsessed kid is born into a non-horsey family, there’s usually a little confusion for the parents. Chris Ewanouski was born into a competitive family — his dad played professional hockey for a time — but the horse gig? That was new to the family, and...


  • Saving Florida Horse Farms

    Name: Busy Shires Byerly City/State: Micanopy, Florida Occupation: Director of Conservation Strategies, Horse Farms Forever How long have you been part of the horse world?  My whole life! My twin brother and I were raised on a horse farm near Alachua, Florida, by my mom, Cyndy Shires. In the 1970s, my mom organized the very...



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By Britney Grover For nearly two decades, the EQUUS Foundation has been protecting America’s horses and ensuring they receive the respect and treatment they deserve. In that time, the number of horses shipped to slaughter each year has been declining — but there’s still much work to be done. The EQUUS Foundation raises money to

By Ruby Tevis Portraits by Melissa Fuller Callie Jones is a first-generation rider who has charmed the dressage community with her humble attitude and hardworking spirit. Even with her collection of North American Youth Championship medals, her national titles and her name gracing top FEI rankings, Callie will never forget her small-town roots. The 22-year-old

By Lyssette Williams Portraits by Shawna Simmons Most riders are introduced to horses at a young age through a parent or relative. This was not the case for the Harris sisters, 22-year-old Emily and 16-year-old Sarah. While their father, Tim Harris, grew up in the country, their mother, Julie Harris, grew up in the city,

By Britney Grover Portraits by Meagan Gumpert When Sofia Roberts first saw a horse and rider jump, she knew that was what she wanted to do with her life. Now 16 with a collection of ribbons from top shows around the country, that hasn’t changed. Talking to Sofia and those who know her, it’s clear

By Laura Scaletti Portraits by Isabel J. Kurek Emily Owen is always ready to lend a hand to those in need. Whether it’s catch riding horses, traversing the streets in her job or doing a photoshoot for a friend, Emily was born to make her community a better place.  As a child, when scary things

By Laura Scaletti Katrina Coldren makes horse shows around the United States her runway. From Devon to the Washington International Horse Show to the National Horse Show and numerous others shows across America, some of the greatest champions in equestrian sport have worn bespoke apparel from Katrina’s equine apparel company, The Clothes Horse.  Since 1972,

By Lyssette Williams Portraits by Allie Conrad In 2011, eventer Ariel Grald felt doubtful of the life path she was on. After earning her bachelor of science in microbiology from the University of Vermont the year prior, she landed a steady job in a research lab. “While in college, I was fortunate enough to have

By Britney Grover Portraits by Shawna Simmons Galloping polo ponies and racing stock cars aren’t the only things charging full speed ahead for Ashley Busch. This month, she’ll celebrate her 30th birthday — and Ashley is already living proof that molds are meant to be broken. She started breaking molds when she traded in her

By Shya Beth Carrie Nygren is an equine artist whose passion and love of horses shows deeply in her depiction of them.  With Southern roots in Tennessee, Carrie’s journey into the horse world was a self-made one, and started early. With no formal training, Carrie learned what she could and when she could by soaking

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