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make future “great” horses?
That’s always such a hard question
to answer because there are so
many variables.  Coltrane is the one
I am keeping for myself. Copland is
actually a bit nicer I think, but Coltrane
is the frst Fizzy baby my mom ever
bred so he is very close to my heart. 
When he was three days old he had a
meconium impaction and had to have
colic surgery.  The odds weren’t great
for surgery on such a young foal and
my mom was debating what to do. I
had just sold a saddle for $2,500 and
guess how much his surgery was going
to cost?  He may not end up being
anything, but he makes me smile, a lot,
every day.  His willingness to work and
the ease with which he learns new things
is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced
with any horse. 
Who are you training with
Currently I’m training with Michael
Barisone and Kathy Connelly.  They are
very different and both very wonderful. 
I am so grateful to both of them for
helping me to become a better rider.  I
have really good “feel” and am very
brave which works in my favor, but
they both have many, many more years
of experience than I do and I rely on
them to help me become the best rider
I can be.  I can’t thank them enough for
giving me the confdence and support
to be the best competitor and trainer
I can be.  Michael helped Fizzy and I
through such a tough time in 2009 and
really helped to restore our confdence
in the show ring.
Who has been the most
infuential person in your riding career?
My mom has been the most
infuential person since she fueled my
passion and helped make so many
things happen.  I am very thankful for
Who would you name as
your “favorite” horse of your career?
I have had the honor of riding
and training so many amazing horses
it would be unfair for me to pick one. 
Fizzy has the biggest personality but
they are all wonderful in their own right.
Liz competes Fizzy, her favorite
Photo by Betsy Nye.
Rain or shine, Liz and Fizzy competed in the CDI
Photo by Susan Dickson Dressage Images