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Rapid Response is a nutritional supplement
capable of transforming our entire
health experience.
Sharone says,
“Rapid Response provides
nutritional support for improvement in the health
of the horse in many situations”
• optimize performance
• injury aids
• injury recovery
• anti-oxidants
• anti-bacterial
• anti-viral
• arthritis
• cellular health
• ringbone
• fractures
• sesamoids
• shins
• suspensories
• ligaments
• tendons
• stomach ulcers
• OCD’s
• navicular
• sore back
• dogs
• cats
See what the
says about Rapid Response and ulcers!
“Extremely effective for rapid relief of ulcer symptoms, with appetite returning.
From immediately to 18 hours. once horse is back on feed, can be added to
meals rather than dosed. Palatable... doubles as an effective joint supplement.”
Amerdon Rapid Response, Inc. P.O. Box 1138, Valley Center, CA 92082
1-800-331-1036 |
New Specials!
Rapid Response
regular horse formula $160 per gallon + free quart value $43
(normally a 1 to 2 months supply or longer)
Rapid Response F
, our “Top Gun” was $269 per gallon
$175 per gallon Special!’
(normally a 1 to 2 months supply or longer)
Rapid Response
om AMERDON Rapid Response, Inc.
Rapid Response F is a “Top Gun” for in amma-
tion. You’re going to want to choose it for the
most punch. It takes a unique approach with
plant antioxidants and anti-in ammatories,
glucosamine and chondroitin. It was a top
performer in previous trials, and the only supple-
ment that worked for some tough ringbone cases.
It didn’t let us down this time, either. Some of
the most dramatic responses occurred in horses
with ringbone that had been lame for months or
years. Radiographs showed that the excess bone
decreased. Overall, our top performer for really
tough cases is Rapid Response F. We wouldn’t
give up on a horse without trying it.
- e, November 2007
Every issue we provide new testimonials om
customers, veterinarians, or articles sharing with
you the successful stories of Rapid Response. Keep
your eyes open to see what everyone thinks!