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What do you like about riding the hunters?
I love that the beauty of a quality hunter round can be
rewarded on the same scale as in the jumpers for an owner and
What are your goals?
I would love to give the derbies a shot. A big win at Devon
and a top national fnish in the WCHR program are things I hope to
accomplish. As for my students, I am lucky to have some fantastic
young talent. Hopefully they all get a chance on a national level.
I suspect there might be some future professional talent and drive
at Flagship!
What do you like about working with your wife?
One of the best things about working with your spouse is
that you pretty much know how one another’s day was. We try
not to let work consume our private life although it’s hard at times.
It’s benefcial to have a sounding board who gets it. Keeley is
great behind the scenes at keeping it all organized and running
smoothly while I ride and teach. You have to give credit where
it’s due, as they say behind every great man is an even greater
woman. I also have a great staff that supports me and they can
effectively steer the ship in my absence.
Are you enjoying your role as a dad?
I love being a dad. Reilly has a great sense of humor and is
a great kid. She keeps us on our toes. There are possibly more
hats to be worn as a dad than a horse trainer! While I think she
has talent, horses are so common place that the barn for her is
more of a social outlet. This is fne by us and the opportunity will
be there should she really want it.
If you weren’t a horse person, what do you think you
would do?
Reilly Gogul, Jeff and Keeley’s daughter, with Silver Sails at the
Kentucky Summer Show. “Reilly has a great sense of humor
and is a great kid. She keeps us on our toes,” Jeff says.
Photo by Shawn McMillen
If I didn’t do horses I would defnitely do something with
antiques and design. Keeley and I both like antiquing. I really
love the hunt! Reilly has spoken up before and requested, “No
more stops to look at old junk.” We really love wine country,
France and we are defnitely foodies. For now, however, we are
going to enjoy the ride and the riding and continue to do our best
for our four legged companions.