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Art by
Louise Mellon
Fun portrait commissions a specialty | 803.645.3335
“You absolutely caught my dog’s personality...
I’m really delighted!”
“Tis is such a fun looks exactly
like her and the mischief she got into.”
“I love the color and the playfulness...
it makes me smile whenever I see it!”
Louise will create for you an artistic lasting memory
of your dog or cat in his funniest moments! She
specializes in unusual and quirky pet portraits that
will keep the chuckles coming and cheer up your
dreariest day. Imagine the happy recognition and
smile you get every time you round a corner in your
house and see the painting of your fuzzy friend in his
silly antics... a treasure forever. An artwork that makes
you smile inside and out is a surefre investment in
your personal wellbeing. Everyone needs more fun in
their lives... contact Louise, provide her with photos
of your pet, and let your special painting give you joy,
comfort and giggles!
Barnyard Mayhem
French Racing Snails
New Olympic Sport