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Mashes are ideal for the horse as the water improves
digestibility and gut fow to a greater degree than a dry feed.
Hot mashes warm the body core and help maintain condition
in cold weather.
When you look at a treat, look at the ingredients. It is the
major ingredients, high starch and sugar treats that need to
be considered carefully, especially in relation to what you are
currently feeding. Choose a fber based treat, it’s what the
horse is designed to eat and will ensure that the starch load
is low. Herbs, spices, apples and carrots are great additions at
reasonable levels and passage through the small intestine will
sort them out.
Emerald Valley mashes are
a nutritionally sound treat
based on high quality protein.
Each mash is an optimal
source of fber promoting
healthy digestion. SavvyMash
with Speedi-Beet has less
than 5% NSC, with added
Flaxseed, Sunfower seeds,
cinnamon and a pinch of sea
salt is recommended for the
easy keeper. SuperMash with
Fibre-Beet has a low 11.5%
NSC and high in antioxidants.
Made with rolled oats and
faxseed, with apples or
carrots. SpookyMash based
on Fibre-Beet aids digestion
with 9% NSC, with chia
and pumpkin seeds, topped
off with papaya. The highly
palatable mix of ingredients
in each mash will ft into any
feeding program, without
disrupting nutrient balance
and can be fed at anytime to
maintain healthy digestibility
and hydration.
“When you’ve spent so
long getting your feeding
regime right, don’t jeopardize
it with a high starch mash.
High fber mashes made with
Speedi-Beet and Fibre-Beet,
Low Starch, Low Sugar
Mashes from Emerald
Valley Natural Health
will supply everything you need to treat your horse without
upsetting his hindgut,” said Dr. Thomas Shurlock, BsCAnimal
Nutrition and Biochemistry, PhD Digestive Physiology
Emerald Valley Natural Health, 1-888-638-8262,