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Anna Knowles
, of Hanover, New Hampshire, said, “One of my
favorite things to do with my 17-year-old OTTB, Wally (short for
Wallstreet Gangster), is take him to the beach. He’s incredibly brave
about the waves and loves to have a nice gallop. We also event.”
Grace Darnell
, of Downingtown, Pennsylvania, said, “This is Nelli,
owned by Lindsay Crofton of Great Scott Farm. She ran at Charlestown 25
times, won $53k, retired sound, was picked up from New Holland and after
some retraining has been a rock star show/lesson horse.”
Meghan Marcinkewicz
, of Chardon, Ohio, said, “This is
seven-year-old OTTB The Big Story. Booker who retired racing
as a fve-year-old won $80,000 on the track and here he is
enjoying a romp in the snow on a chilly winter day!”
Nina Eckhoff
, of New Canaan, Connecticut, said, “We
rescued OTTB Princess Madeline from slaughter in July, 2011.
Here, natural horseman Billy Smith (Thurman, NY) rides Maddie
across the Hudson River near Stony Creek, NY. Billy has been
guiding Maddie into her new non-racing life and this was a
confdence building exercise for her. She has herded cattle, too!” 
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