Monday, May 02 2022 / Published in What's Happenin'
By Kimberly Summers   I’m in Paris.  Let’s just start with that.  Add in a dose of Eiffel Tower, elegant style, the most refined equestrian show jumpers the world over, with rider’s talent rivaling that which has been done perfectly in Paris for centuries, and a venue wrapped up as pretty as a Hermès package. 
Monday, May 02 2022 / Published in What's Happenin'
By Hillary Dobbs, V.P., Director of Equestrian, Malvern Bank   Michael Meller was not “to the manor born,” but his impressive career has been an exercise in helping horses and people become “to the manor bred.”   When he was young, Michael had a passion to be around horses, and he had to be resourceful
Friday, January 28 2022 / Published in What's Happenin'
Public Art Display to benefit the Carolina Horse Park Foundation Raeford, NC (January 5, 2022) – Soon, the Painted Ponies will roam the streets of downtown Southern Pines! The third annual Painted Ponies Art Walk runs from January 29 through the end of March as 15 fiberglass Ponies line Broad Street for visitors to enjoy
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NORTH SALEM, N.Y., November 30, 2021 — Scott Hakim, owner of Old Salem Farm in North Salem, New York, one of the most prestigious equestrian horse show venues in the country, announced that McLain Ward, as co-chair of the Spring Horse Shows, is collaborating with the farm to put together the 2022 horse show circuit
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There are various theories and predictions on the future of the real estate market, but one thing is for sure: real estate continues to be a hot topic—and a hot commodity.  Purchasing a house or farm may seem daunting for a first-time buyer, and even the seasoned or informed buyer may have some questions given
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It’s no secret to those who know me that the Hampton Classic holds a special place in my heart. I have been blessed to have had a few riding career highlights at the Classic—winning the Grand Prix Qualifier and the featured Sunday Grand Prix in 2008 were two standouts. There were character-building moments along the way as
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Researchers at University College Dublin today announced a collaboration with researchers at the University of Kentucky’s Gluck Equine Research Centre for a large-scale study to investigate the effects of blue light treatment in PPID horses over a 12-month period. The research team is led by Dr. Barbara Anne Murphy, Head of Equine Science within the