Saturday, September 19 2020 / Published in What's Happenin'
How FormaHoof (and a lot of love and support from her dedicated new owner) has given Libby The Canadian a new lease of life! If you have ever had a horse with laminitis, you know just how painful and debilitating a disease it is. Severe or recurring episodes can quickly make laminitis a welfare issue
Tuesday, September 15 2020 / Published in What's Happenin'
There is an old saying ‘no Hoof, no Horse’ which underlies the fact that hoof problems lie at the heart of many lameness and soundness issues in horses. FormaHoof is a revolutionary hoof care and equine podiatry system developed to tackle equine soundness from the hoof up and is designed to offer vets and farriers a highly effective,
Monday, June 15 2020 / Published in What's Happenin'
By Mira Korber The COVID-19 pandemic has brought on a challenging time for all of us. For students who missed substantial numbers of school days due to competing on the winter show circuit, combined with an early end to in-person schooling, it has been a disruptive school year to say the least. Taking a breath
Saturday, March 21 2020 / Published in What's Happenin'
With Countless Events Shutting Down, Fab Finds by Sarah Finds a Way to Help her Contemporaries  When it was announced that the Winter Equestrian Festival was ending early, Sarah Rowen of Fab Finds by Sarah knew she would need to take swift action to help other small businesses in these uncertain times. “Regardless of anything
Wednesday, February 26 2020 / Published in What's Happenin'
In it’s 7th consecutive year, Ocala Horse Properties has once again stepped up as Title Sponsor for the top show jumping competition offered to event riders in Ocala!  The Ocala Horse Properties’ Eventing Prix Invitational, held on Tuesday March 3rd, showcases top ranked event riders show jumping against the clock for $20K in prize money. 
Wednesday, February 19 2020 / Published in What's Happenin'
  Sandy, UT (February 14, 2020) – The action continues to build through the Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF) happening now at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center (PBIEC). Week (8) is sponsored by Premier Equestrian, Inc and promises to be filled with excitement, learning opportunities, and giveaways, plus some great showjumping. Sponsor week at WEF
Thursday, December 19 2019 / Published in What's Happenin'
The Knox School in Saint James, NY is currently seeking an Equine Instructional Assistant for their Equestrian and School Programs. This candidate will have multiple years of national-level successful show experience with an emphasis on hunter and equitation disciplines, and experience working with beginner riders and small children. A successful candidate will have administrative experience