Thursday, November 12 2020 / Published in What's Happenin'
EquiSource just announced the approval of their new equine joint health supplement, HycoFlexTM, by Health Canada. Human grade ingredients ensure the highest quality and bioavailability unmatched by animal-grade supplements used in other equine products. HycoFlexTM uses the following ingredients to provide a complete joint health care solution. Collagen provides structural support for joint cartilage. Hyaluronic Acid ensures that
Sunday, November 08 2020 / Published in What's Happenin'
Aleco: What do you like about teaching clinics? Stacia: Clinics, for me, are a little bit refreshing, because I don’t know the horses and the riders, and I’m trying to come up with exercises that’ll benefit a group of people, so that they can take those exercise home and custom tailor them to what fits
Sunday, November 01 2020 / Published in What's Happenin'
Aleco: What is the best advice that you’ve been given? Debbie: I would have to say, when it comes to training horses, patience is certainly something that has to be number one. Knowing the limitations of when to stop and not getting greedy. Aleco: Tell me about “not getting greedy”. Debbie: “Greedy” is a term
Sunday, October 25 2020 / Published in What's Happenin'
Aleco: Thanks for being here. Ali: Happy to be here. Aleco: What is the best advice that you’ve ever received? Ali: Don’t give up. Aleco: Plain and simple. Ali: Plain and simple, don’t give up, Aleco: Don’t give up. That’s the answer. What would you say to an up and coming rider as a key
Wednesday, October 21 2020 / Published in What's Happenin'
Sweden’s golfing legend Annika Sörenstam used to talk of playing “with a target on my back” after she became the first player to top the official women’s world rankings in 2006. In show jumping, Switzerland’s Steve Guerdat knows that feeling intimately, having been the world’s No. 1 rider for much of the past decade. Guerdat
Saturday, September 19 2020 / Published in What's Happenin'
How FormaHoof (and a lot of love and support from her dedicated new owner) has given Libby The Canadian a new lease of life! If you have ever had a horse with laminitis, you know just how painful and debilitating a disease it is. Severe or recurring episodes can quickly make laminitis a welfare issue
Tuesday, September 15 2020 / Published in What's Happenin'
There is an old saying ‘no Hoof, no Horse’ which underlies the fact that hoof problems lie at the heart of many lameness and soundness issues in horses. FormaHoof is a revolutionary hoof care and equine podiatry system developed to tackle equine soundness from the hoof up and is designed to offer vets and farriers a highly effective,